art. 100

His kiddie ride is a lifelike far west scene where everything is proportioned to children: the covered wagon gentle oscillating movement is accompained by that of the little horses at a gallop. The music is cheerful and adventurous at the same time and is the right frame for the caravan. The log with the funny vulture is miniature keeps the counter-slot, the cash-box and the electronic card (all according to CEE laws) making money collection and maintenance operations easier. The safety of this kiddie game is assured as the two little horses have a friction device blocking them immediately if children try to ride them. The kiddie game is delivered together with its tow-bar and use and maintenance handbook.


Height:  130 cm
Width:  90 cm
Length:  198 cm

Weight: 120 kg

Age: 2-7 years old

Users: 2

Led Lights: No

Sound: Yes

Interactivity: No