Susanna Malagoli

Owner – Art Director

Luca Della Rosa

General Manager

Giulia Montanari

Support and Logistics

international kiddie rides manufacturer leader

One of the leading

coin-op kiddie ride manufacturers in Europe, COGAN has a history spanning over 40 years: the company was founded in 1979 by Nino Malagoli, who decided to put to good use in his own firm the long experience he had gained in manufacturing children’s rides.
Over time, Nino’s family has also become passionate about his business. Today his daughter Susanna is COGAN’s art director, and her husband Luca Della Rosa, who joined the company in the ‘90s as sales manager, is now the general manager.

In our products

creativity combines with attention to market needs and design elements that enhance the quality of the product without ever compromising on the safety of end users. These features, together with continuous investments in the production department and a careful distribution strategy, have made our kiddie rides popular all over the world: we have an international clientele including coin-op games hirers, shopping centers, parks, campsites, resorts, fast food restaurants and more.

Our point of pride

is full control of the production process within our company, which is an extra guarantee of quality for customers.
All the kiddie rides are designed by us; in our plants we then build the prototypes and carry out all the stages of manufacturing, which include construction, painting of the figures, assembly of the parts and final testing.
Each step of the process is carried out by our qualified personnel, who take care of each product in every single detail.