Susanna Malagoli

Owner – Art Director

Luca Della Rosa

General Manager

Giulia Montanari

Support and Logistics Manager


COGAN was founded in 1979 by Nino Malagoli, who had been working for a long time as a Kiddie Rides manufacturer. The whole family was shortly involved in the business: Susanna, Nino’s daughter, is the art director of the COGAN products, and her husband Luca Della Rosa is in charge of the company’s management.

Thanks to an extensive experience and a talent for invention, Cogan managed to make some very successful rides which enabled the company to grow into a thriving business; then a good commercial acumen, which is focused on the customer’s needs, and a full commitment to the production, have helped us became a mainstream manufacturer.

The use of reliable materials, a targeted design phase and an efficient production process allow us to offer our customers a wide range of top quality products ensuring the users’ safety.




One the main strengths of this company is the quality control process. From manufacturing to packaging, we carry out all production phases in our plants, employing the most reliable materials available on the market. In our company we design the projects and make the prototypes required for production, then carry out the actual production phases which include subject manufacturing and painting, as well as parts assembly.

All our articles are prepared and tested by our highly qualified personnel, with every single detail being taken care of